The Science and Technical Awards 2013

The 2012 Sci-Tech Awards Ceremony
The 2012 Sci-Tech Awards Ceremony

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Almost since the very beginning, the Academy has honoured the achievements of pioneers in the fields of science and technology. The roles that these two areas play in moviemaking have been crucial to the advancement of the motion-picture industry.

They were first presented at the 4th Academy Awards ceremony back in 1931. These awards are given to original developments that lead to the most significant improvements in film.

There are three levels of achievement in the Sci-Tech Awards: the Technical Achievement Award, which is a certificate, the Scientific and Engineering Award, a bronze tablet, and the Academy Award of Merit, the famous Oscar statue.

The most recent winners of the Scientific and Technical Oscars have included IMAX, for its large-format, wide-angle films and unique filming methods, and Horst Burbulla, for his invention of the Technocrane telescoping camera crane.

The presentation of these awards are made during a formal dinner that is always held before the famous Oscar ceremony. This has been tradition since the 1977 Awards and different locations have featured, from the Beverly Hilton to the Regent Beverly Wilshire. Hosts of the past have included Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner and Richard Dreyfuss.

The Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony now generally takes place two weeks prior to the main Academy Awards ceremony.

This years awards will be held tomorrow, on February 15th in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Check back here on Inside Film soon for a rundown of the winners.

The 34th Annual Razzie Award Nominations

A Golden Raspberry Award
Kristen Bell and Justin Long sat at a table

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The Golden Raspberry Awards, or the Razzies, is an award ceremony that recognises the hilariously bad in film. The ceremony is typically held the day before the Academy Awards, and basically tries to be a tacky version. Funnily enough, the “winners” don’t attend most of the time.

The nominations for the 34th Annual Razzie Awards were released on January 15th this year, and are as follows:

Worst Picture Nominations 2013

After Earth

Grown-Ups 2

The Lone Ranger

A Madea Christmas

Movie 43

Worst Actress Nominations 2013

Halle Berry (The Call and Movie 43)

Selena Gomez (The Getaway)

Lindsey Lohan (The Canyons)

Tyler Perry (A Madea Christmas)

Naomi Watts (Diana and Movie 43)

Worst Actor Nominations 2013

Johnny Depp (The Lone Ranger)

Ashton Kutcher (Jobs)

Adam Sandler (Grown-Ups 2)

Jaden Smith (After Earth)

Sylvester Stallone (Bullet to the Head, Grudge Match and Escape Plan)

Worst Supporting Actress Nominations 2013

Lady Gaga (Machette Kills)

Salma Hayek (Grown-Ups 2)

Katherine Heigl (The Big Wedding)

Kim Kardashian (Temptation)

Lindsey Lohan (InAPPropriate Comedy and Scary Movie 5)

Worst Supporting Actor Nominations 2013

Chris Brown (Battle of the Year)

Larry the Cable Guy (A Madea Christmas)

Taylor Lautner (Grown-Ups 2)

Will Smith (After Earth)

Nick Swardson (A Haunted House and Grown-Ups 2)

Worst Screen Combo Nominations 2013

The entire cast of Grown-Ups 2

The entire cast of Movie 43

Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen (Scary Movie 5)

Tyler Perry and either Larry the Cable Guy or That Worn-Out Wig and Dress

Will and Jaden Smith on Planet Nepotism (After Earth)

Worst Director Nominations 2013

The 13 people who directed Movie 43

Dennis Dugan (Grown-Ups 2)

Tyler Perry (A Madea Christmas and Temptation)

M. Night Shyamalan (After Earth)

Gore Verbinski (The Lone Ranger)

Worst Screenplay Nominations 2013

After Earth (Screenplay by Gary Whitta and M. Night Shyamalan,
Story by Will Smith)

Grown-Ups 2 (Written by Fred Wolfe & Adam Sandler & Tim Herlihy)

The Lone Ranger (Screen Story & Screenplay by Ted Elliott,
Justin Haythe & Terry Rosso)

A Madea Christmas (Written by Tyler Perry)

Movie 43 (written by 19 “screenwriters”)

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel 2013

Grown-Ups 2

The Hangover III

The Lone Ranger

Scary Movie 5

The Smurfs 2

Stay here on Inside Film to see who wins! Or loses, however you say it.

Events, offers and releases 3/2/14

Robocop in armour
Mr Peabody, Sherman and Penny in Egyptian dress

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This week will show a number of big film releases in the UK, ranging from an all out action remake to a charmingly hilarious animated family flick.

On the 7th, Robocop, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, The Invisible Woman and Dallas Buyers Club all hit cinemas around the country. Joel Kinnaman, playing the titular robot policeman, will reinvigorate the ageing classic and give pre-valentine’s cinema-goers something to kickstart the month.

For something a little more dramatic, check out The Invisible Woman starring Ralph Fiennes. Taking on the tale of Charles Dickens’ secret lover, this film could give something a little more couple friendly.

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Events, offers and releases 20/1/14

Violet and Jean talking
Jack Ryan and Thomas Harper shaking hands

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There are two big film releases this week, and both on the 24th. August: Osage County, starring Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Ewan McGregor is a black comedy in which the alcoholic patriarch of a Southern family surprises everyone by killing himself.

For a more action packed evening, head to your local cinema on the same night to catch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. A reboot of the series, this movie sees Jack Ryan going undercover as a broker to search for terrorist activity.

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This week in history: 6th – 12th January

Will Hunting and Dr Sean Maguire
Will Hunting writing equations on a blackboard

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On the 9th of January, 1997 two friends from Cambridge, Massachusetts, became stars overnight with Good Will Hunting. This was Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s breakthrough in acting and screenwriting and the movie that lifted them from character actor parts in films like Mystic Pizza and Glory Days to A-list roles. Not to mention winning both of them a Best Screenplay Academy Award.

Originally written as a thriller, Good Will Hunting developed into a character piece about a mathematical genius who works as a janitor at MIT and his relationship with his therapist (played by the fantastic Robin Williams). The modestly budgeted film that started on only $10 million went on to gross over $200 million worldwide. The student and mentor relationship story at the heart of the film had certainly been seen before, but Director Gus Van Sant brought a freshness to the storytelling, and locals Affleck and Damon felt like they had lived in the roles their whole lives.

On a less-than-light note, on the 9th of the same month back in 1943 a film named Hitler’s Children was released. This black and white film is known for its portrayal of the brutalities carried out by the Hitler Youth, in particular focusing on two young participants. A huge hit in America at the time, Hitler’s Children turned a $205, 000 budget into a $1.21 million profit.