Events, Offers and Releases 07/04/14

Image shows a still from the upcoming animated movie, Rio 2. The still shows 5 blue birds sitting together as a family in the jungle.

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The main movie release this week is the eagerly anticipated dancing animation sequel, Rio 2 on April 11th. Jewel and Blu are now happily settled down since the events of the first film and have 3 children. They decided however, that they wish to move to the Amazon, quite the trip from Rio de Janeiro. Nigel the Cockatoo is back, seeking revenge! This is definitely something for the kids (and maybe a few adults too!)

If you’re looking for something a bit more spooky, Oculus has you covered. A family with a dark and disturbing history, decide to find out just how 2 members of their family died. Convinced it was a supernatural force, the family find out that some things are just left alone. Critics are already raving about this film and it’s certainly set to scare the heck out of you on April 11th.

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