Events, offers and releases 24/03/14

A bedraggled but fierce Russel Crowe runs towards camera as Noah

First up is the latest Marvel instalment in the form of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, starring Chris Evans (Steve Rogers) alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Cobie Smulders.

It’s the second Captain America instalment in the series of Marvel films following the first back in 2011 which ended showing Rogers waking up in the 21st century after he had been unconscious and frozen for seven decades after crashing a plane into a glacier at the climax of the first film. Although Rogers featured in The Avengers his struggle to adapt to modern surroundings was only touched on.

The Winter Soldier sees Rogers battling ‘a new threat from old history’ known as the Winter Soldier. Out on Friday March 28th, it’s a must see for any Marvel fan or anybody looking for some high quality action. See the trailer below.

If you’re looking for something lighter at the cinema, The Muppets Most Wanted is also released this Friday. Alongside Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy star several famous faces; Rickey Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey.

The Muppets are on a grand world tour but find themselves caught up in a European jewel-heist masterminded by a Kermit lookalike. Check out the below trailer if you fancy some puppet comedy-action.

If you’re in the London area and love classic films then why not take a trip to Shaker & Company in Hamstead Road. Tonight they’re hosting a Cocktail Cinema Club and showing Casablanca. The event runs from 5-11pm and you can buy two pizzas and two cocktails for £20

Events, offers and releases 17/03/14

Shailene Woodley and Theo James in a still from Divergent.


Shailene Woodley and Theo James in a still from Divergent.

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Divergent – Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet, Divergent is a continuation of the new cinematic genre such as The Hunger Games and Twilight. Set in a dystopian future, post-apocalyptic version of Chicago where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues. Woodley plays Beatrice Prior, she is ‘divergent’ and therefore does not fit into any of the factions set out, something that is not accepted by faction leader Jeanine Matthews (Winslet).

In cinemas March 21st, if you like The Hunger Games, you’ll love this.

Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Ty Burrell in a poster for the muppets

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Muppets Most Wanted – Modern Family’s Ty Burrell along with funny-people Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey join forces with the Muppets in this second instalment of the fun franchise. great for kids and adults alike, this film will have you laughing out loud.

In cinemas March 21st.

To book tickets visit Odeon.

Events, offers and releases – 10/3/14

Jack O'Connell and Ben Mendelsohn in a prison cell.
Aaron Paul's character Tobey Marshall sat in a car.

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This week will bring two great looking films to cinemas in the UK – Need for Speed and Veronica Mars.

On Friday the 14th, Need for Speed will hit the cinemas. Starring Aaron Paul, the video game adaptation tells a tale of revenge as Tobey Marshall races across the US. If you want something action packed and fast paced, this is for you.

If you want your Friday night to be a little more mysterious, check out Veronica Mars. Returning to her hometown, Veronica gets herself tied up in a murder mystery with an old flame. Sounds interesting, right?

Showcase Insider members can get their hands on a cracking deal this week. For only £6, members can head to the Showcase website to order a ticket for the advance screening of Starred Up, a brand new prison drama starring Jack O’Connell. The advance screening will be shown on the 17th of March, so get your hands on some tickets before they all go!

Events, offers and releases 03/03/14

Image shows the movie poster for the upcoming movie, 300:Rise of an Empire. the image shows a spartan warrior amidst a darkened battle.
Image shows the movie poster for the upcoming movie, 300:Rise of an Empire. the image shows a spartan warrior amidst a darkened battle.

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“This is Sparta!”

March 7th sees the release of a sequel that was certainly unexpected, 300: Rise of an Empire. Unfortunately there’s no beefy Gerard Butler in the sequel, but we’ve got the just as lovely Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green instead. This new chapter of the saga explores the events after 300, and the battles that took place. Expect some cool slow motion kills and CGI in this popcorn flick.

Something for the kids however, is Mr. Peabody and Sherman releasing on March 7th. Mr. Peabody is the world’s smartest individual, but he also happens to be a dog. With the help of his adopted boy Sherman, the duo are tasked with rewriting history in this time travelling adventure. With Ty Burrell and Stephen Colbert providing voices for the film, it’s set to be an adventure for kids of all ages!

Events, offers and releases 24/02/14

This week see’s the release of bible drama Son of God, the new Liam Neeson thriller Non-Stop and the emotional Bottled Up, starring Melissa Leo and Marin Ireland.

Thor: The Dark World
(12), The Last Days (15), Safety Not Garunteed (15) and One Chance (12), a film chronicling the life of Britains Got Talent winner, Paul Potts, starring James Corden are all released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Lincoln’s own Ritz Cinema launched it’s Bogart Season on Saturday (22nd February 2014). The season will run through February and March, with titles such as the Big Sleep and the Maltese Falcon being screened. Tickets are available online or at the box-office. For more information, please visit